Daniels and Lovelady Architecture
3202 W
Irving Blvd
Irving, Texas
This existing, 8,300 sq. ft. building was a Kmart auto service center that was converted to a retail/office building. Although it is located in front of a busy Home Depot on the corner of a major intersection along Irving Boulevard, few people have ever noticed the building was there. In 2007 DLA was hired to give this "invisible" building a makeover. Plans included renovating the building exterior and upgrading the landscaping as well as improving function by providing additional parking to meet code and adding a dumpster enclosure.

DLA has always worked well with cities on projects, and this one was no exception. During the project approval process with the Planning and Zoning Commission the City of Irving issued the Irving Boulevard Enhancement Study. Being located so close to the west gateway to the City the project design was directly affected by the study. DLA worked with City staff to refine the design to transform this “gateway” project in the spirit of the enhanced thoroughfare design. DLA was commended by Irving City Manager, Tommy Gonzales, for our cooperation with City staff as well as the quality design of the project.

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